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    “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,” Synchronicity and the Populist Promise of Kickstarter

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    Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at the Aurora Fox Studio Theatre, September 7 - October 28, 2012

    Ben Dicke, local theater professional, looks for Kickstarter Funding to Premiere the Controversial Emo-Punk Musical at the Aurora Fox, Just in Time for Election Day. Could it be any more ... prophetic? In an election year that’s rife with populist rhetoric, where pundits on both sides seem to pontificate endlessly about the problems of the common...

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    Alash Ensemble – Tuvan Throat Singing – Comes to Swallow Hill this Friday, April 6

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    If you’ve heard it, chances are you’re either mesmerized by its outlandish beauty, haunted by its sweeping sonics or fascinated by the physics. Either way, there’s not another vocal style that’s anything quite like Tuvan throat singing. And there’s no touring troupe that pulls it off like the Alash Ensemble. Four native Tuvans, Alash...

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    American Music: Local trio Dirty Femmes to cover the Violent Femmes first LP, Sat., April 7 at the Hi-Dive

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    Dirty Femmes will play Violent Femmes first LP in its entirety, Sat., April 7, 2012 at the Hi-Dive.

    How often do you find yourself inadvertently – almost subconsciously humming Blister in the Sun, Kiss Off, Add It Up, American Music or just about any of the seminal hits from early alt-folk (alt-punk? folk-punk? Angst-folk?) trio Violent Femmes? I know for me – and a whole sew of folks who were dragging themselves...

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