Jesus and Mary Chain Dark, Hypnotic at Summit Music Hall

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Jesus and Mary Chain Dark, Hypnotic at Summit Music Hall

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Photos by Michael McGrath, Story by Molly McGrath

The iconic Scottish post-punk band, The Jesus and Mary Chain, played to a reverent audience last Friday night at the Summit Music Hall. Touring in support of their new album “Damage and Joy,” the band brought out a diverse range of fans, from rockers who have been around since the beginning, to goth teenagers (like myself). They played songs from throughout their discography, including songs from their debut album Psychocandy. The band put on a great show, but their choice to play almost completely in the dark makes it hard to make a strong connection with the audience.

Opening for the Jesus and Mary Chain was the darkwave group  Cold Cave. Active since 2007, the band has become a favorite of the American Goth scene. Their set provided a complex juxtaposition between goth-pop of the 80’s and the goth-pop of today. Singer Wesley Eisold played in almost complete darkness, with the exception of soft strobe lights. His performance conjured that of Ian Curtis; a close caress of the mic stand matched with extremely vexing movements.


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