• Revolting Cocks @ the Gothic Theatre, 09/13/09 – Reverb

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    The feeling behind songs like “Cousins,” “Robo Bandidos,” and set-ender “I’m Not Gay” seemed to fall flat. . . . the type of industrial punk they were pawning, infused with a cheap strip-joint aesthetic is more worn out, old and embarrassing than the strippers one might find at said strip-joint.

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    Ween @ Red Rocks, 09/06/09 – Reverb

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    Ween have . . . aged well (only too evident in Gene’s now-grey, newly short hair), and comfortably wield many varying musical styles with aplomb. Their tight grasp on the building blocks of so many genres, arguably born out of a deep-seated irreverence for all of them, has given them the ability to create...

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    Git Some @ Bender’s Tavern, Sept. 5, ’09 – Reverb

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    Git Some gets a lot of their sound from the now defunct Denver band Planes Mistaken for Stars, once home to both Keener and French (and once voted Denver’s best band in the Denver Post’s Underground Music Poll), but this band’s take on the music is somewhat less dramatic. They’ve kept the weighty metal...

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    Interview: The Alltunators, courting Denver with a sweet, folksy, bygone sound

    by  • September 5, 2009 • 1 Comment

    Both live and on record, The Alltunators masterfully mix honest and passionate acoustic constructions behind Jessica Slater’s heartfelt lyrics and sweet and earnest, soft-spoken vocals, and add brilliant, bluesy jams behind Andy Miller’s sassy juke joint crooning. . . . The result is a summery Sunday afternoon feeling - fresh, relaxing, almost drowsily comforting. I...

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    Modest Mouse @ The Fillmore, Sept. 2, 2009 – Reverb

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    I love it when two drummers can pull it off playing together, and Green and Plummer played as if they were one — with the benefit of eight limbs. At the same time Fairchild’s guitar performance came as close as possible to actually replacing Johnny Marr, arguably one of indie rock’s most innovative players.

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    Reverb Interview: Fruit Bats

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    ". . . it’s hard to make the Shins comparisons on Fruit Bats’ excellent new album, “The Ruminant Band,” which edges closer to the rambling vibe of ’70s classic rock than the Shins’ ’60s-tinged missives." - John Wenzel, Denver Post

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    Spot @ The Meadowlark, August 21, 2009 – Reverb

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    did have some idea of what type of music Spot would offer up that night, though, and he did not disappoint. In fact, his skill, jovial charisma and simple, blues-driven, folky punk did everything to completely wipe away any preconceived images I may have had, and replaced them with an almost loving respect for...

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    Mirah @ Hi-Dive, April 12, 2009 – Reverb

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    The always-provocative Mirah played at the Hi-Dive last Sunday.

    Portland singer-songwriter Mirah introduced herself at the Hi-Dive Sunday night by saying “My name is Mirah, and I think I’m actually wearing a bra!” In one simple, quirky sentence about a slightly provocative item of clothing, walls of listener/performer separation instantly evaporated, and we felt as close to Mirah as her skin-tight shirt.

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    Matmos @ the Boulder Theater, July 15, 2008 – Reverb

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    Drew Daniel bounced around his table like an animated mad scientist leaning over his mixing boards, laptops and synths and frantically grabbing, mixing, and manipulating sounds. M.C. Smith sat at his table fingering his synth, and then strumming, scratching and hitting the strings on his guitar. Over their heads played a black and white...

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