Slim Cessna’s Auto Club @ the Larimer Lounge, 07/15/09 – Reverb

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Slim Cessna’s Auto Club @ the Larimer Lounge, 07/15/09 – Reverb

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Phot: Slim Cessna

Phot: Slim Cessna

No matter how many times you see them play, the fervor, the excitement, the downright religious intensity Slim Cessna’s Auto Club brings to the stage never seems to fade, though I, like hundreds of other natives, have seen it regularly since they started out in 1992. Last Wednesday’s show at the Larimer Lounge was no exception, despite the fact that the majority of the setlist hasn’t changed much from shows as far back as early 2008. And it’s that spirit that has helped to keep the band one of Denver’s most beloved musical treasures for more than 15 years.

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