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Denver City Saltlicks perfect the punk meets jug band meets surf genre, right here in Denver. (Photo: MySpace/DCS)

New Threads – Denver’s Denver City Saltlicks and Josh Novak, Toronto’s Fucked Up

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Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham screams life into just about anything - or anyone (Photo: JuiceBoxDotCom)

Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham screams life into just about anything - or anyone (Photo: JuiceBoxDotCom)

Fucked Up – David Comes to Life (2011)

Fucked Up’s latest offering is much less an album than a movie, really. Listening to it, it’s hard to avoid imagining complex, high-budget plots and huge swaths of dramatic interplay as the vignette of David – the everyperson – unfolds. The concept album’s story lends itself: angst-ridden boy meets girls amidst political upheaval in Northern Britain in the ‘80s, boy and girl plan a statement of protest involving a bomb, girl meets her untimely demise as a result of said bomb, and David is left to piece together redemption from the idealized memories and remains.

What is truly overwhelming about this album is the brilliance in which Fucked Up presents the story. The 18-song opus – in four acts (which is good an argument for getting the vinyl double as any, if you want to take in the story as it was meant to be seen/heard) swirls in music that’s as evident of The Who as it is of post-hardcore masters like Husker Du, with bits and pieces of bands like the Fall and Scratch Acid in the mix.

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