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Iceage at the Marquis Theater – Live Review & Photos

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Denmark's Iceage took over the Marquis theater last Thursday night for a blistering 40 minutes. (Photo: DenverThread)

Denmark’s Iceage took over the Marquis theater last Thursday night for a blistering 40 minutes. (Photo: DenverThread)

Coming from Denmark means that, invariably, at some point you’re going to get a Hamlet comparison – probably from a smart-assed music journalist. So here goes – Iceage’s Elias Bender Rønnenfelt definitely rocks a Hamlet-esque demeanor, both on record and onstage. At their Denver show at the Marquis theater last Thursday night, he sulked in the crowd before the show, catching and opening set by Tampa Bay’s “Merchandise,” decked entirely in black – jeans, jacket and midwest country preacher leather wide-brimmed hat – sipping a tall boy. He looked angry – maybe a little tipsy – but really, really angry.

When the band took the stage, they started loud, fast ans sloppy, and didn’t stop or chat or anything for a good 40 minutes. A great 40 minutes – to be exact. Rønnenfelt lunged at the audience, screaming in his low guttural howl as if to blame anyone, everyone in the pit for his dis-ease. Iceage’s sloppy punk rock no-wave noise is a perfect antidote for what’s passing as punk rock pretty much everywhere nowadays – and it’s a good thing they’re getting heard. They’re not nice guys, but they don’t need to be. Rønnenfelt’s sulk is heavy, carrying the weight of a lot of shit that’s wrong with the world it seems – at least from a post-adolescent Danish punk rocker’s point of view. His demeanor is somewhere between Ian Curtis and Sid Vicious – but his anger is pretty shakespearian. The four-piece showed it that night on the Marquis’ low stage. Check out this slide show to catch a glimpse of the heat.

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Warsaw, via NYC & Copenhagen: Iceage coming back to Denver Tonight

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Iceage by Kristian Emdal

Denmark’s Iceage bring a Warsaw-like growl to Denver tonight at the Marquis. (Photo: Kristian Emdal)

If you’re not planning to be at the Marquis Theater tonight to catch Iceage, you’re giving up on the chance to see a replay of the power that anchored most of  post-punk. At the very least, we’re going to be in the presence of a band whose noise and passion invoke Warsaw (pre-Joy Division, and arguably the root of all that followed, even up through the sick sweetening of emo-into-screamo). What we can only hope for is that what we’ll be seeing is a preview to some sort of powerful re-insemination.

Iceage visits Denver's Marquis Theater.

Iceage visits Denver’s Marquis Theater.

This Danish four-piece  – Johan Surrballe Wieth, Dan Kjær Nielsen Elias Bender Rønnenfelt and Jakob Tvilling Pless – pull their sound from the same feeling behind later post-post-(post?)-punk bands such as Fucked Up and No Age, for sure. But more truthfully – and, for my money, more excitingly – they live in the same sonic backyard as Squirrel Bait, or Paw, and share the violently fun and chaotic thrust of New York No Wave. And it feels like they’ve just gone ahead and skipped past the last decade of shallow, heart-wrenching and tear-jerking emo (arrright – it’s not been ALL bad – but let’s just say we’re not all  broken up (or even really concerned) by the long-overdue demise of MCR), and just built their own thing.

Elias Rønnenfelt leads the sloppy havoc with an off-key howl – sometimes in English, sometimes in Danish – that spawns a drunker, slower, angrier Ian Curtis orbiting around Jakob Pless’s bass, and the rest may or may not fit for the next few minutes. And then the “song” is over, and another one’s on its way, just as anarchic as the last. But, eventually it coagulates and you start to get the idea.

First, check out this “mini-documentary” of the band in NYC in January below;

Then listen to their WNYC Soundcheck piece below – to get a taste.

Then, get a real taste at the Marquis tonight – with Merchandise and Wet Hair. If you miss this boat, don’t say you weren’t warned.



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