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Wait for it… the UMS isn’t over yet. It’s just getting stronger. Trust us.

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Not to worry - it's just getting stronger before its inevitable demise. (Photo: Rupert Murdoch - indirectly)

Not to worry - it's just getting stronger before its inevitable demise. (Photo: Rupert Murdoch - indirectly)

The mighty UMS weekend may be drawing to a close, but it’s far from done. The last day brings some of the best of the bunch, and you won’t want to miss any of it. All three days previous have been more than spectacular  – and have shown off the Denver scene for what it is: strong, diverse and more than anything just plain good.

So you’ll want to dust off your flippy-floppies and saddle up your hangover, drench yourself in sunscreen and get out on Broadway lickety-split – before it wraps itself up and we kiss another year goodbye!

The final day has its work cut out for it, with a lineup that’s definitely up to the task. Read on to see a few of our recommendations.

Today’s UMS is proudly brought to you by:

Jesse Hunsaker's calling it quits - can't believe it's already over. (Photo: Ideal Fathers)

Jesse Hunsaker's calling it quits - can't believe it's already over. (Photo: Ideal Fathers)

Ideal Fathers – Indy Ink @6PM

Ideal Fathers has found itself finally, and just as they’re about to call it quits. Frontman Jesse Hunsaker’s gettin’ hitched, and moving to Iowa to raise a family and dream about making his kids into the next David Yow or Steve Albini. The rest of the band are all in other bands like Gangcharger, The Outfit and Sunder – fitting for a band that will go down in history as a seminal Denver music fertilizer. Guitarist Adam Rojo brings an East Bay Ray-meets-Andy Gill sound to their infectiously danceable sound, anchored by Mike King’s remarkable bass skills and Mike Perfetti’s wicked skin-thrashing. Don’t miss this one – you’ll regret it, and it’s almost their last.


Jen Korte defines a beautiful life lived in her music. (Photo: Jen Korte)

Jen Korte defines a beautiful life lived in her music. (Photo: Jen Korte)

Jen Korte & the Loss – South Broadway Christian Church @8PM

Don;t be fooled by the name – Jen Korte brings together the sound of a beautiful life, simply put. We can only guess the “Loss” part might refer to some sort of innocence lost – and the band’s songs sweat with enlightenment.  Korte and Jessica DeNicola share vocals, though Korte’s are strong and sensual enough to attack them solo, without a doubt. Her personality will fill up both the room and your spirit, and you’ll leave better for having taken it in – trust us.




Night of Joy bring the noise. (Photo: @NOJTPO)

Night of Joy bring the noise. (Photo: @NOJTPO)

Night of Joy – Club 404 @3PM

Night of Joy is all power, wrapped in a whip-smart package. Led by the bass antics of local journalist Bree Davies and  shreeking, Tom Verlaine-esque axework of Val Franz, this trio deserves top billing anywhere. Recalls the best of Television, with a minimal no wave, DIY aesthetic. Don’t miss them.




Denver City Saltlicks - Keepin' it salty and sweaty for years. (Photo: DCS)

Denver City Saltlicks - Keepin' it salty and sweaty for years. (Photo: DCS)

The Denver City Saltlicks – Club 404 @6PM

Ol’ ‘Bama Slim plays his hand-built 1-string 2X4 like no-one else – ‘cept maybe the eternally and beautifully damned soul of Robert Johnson – while Cate Hate literally comes close to melting her washboard and bruising herself with the spoons. In a word, this band kicks 110% of your ass, and doesn’t take any prisoners! ‘Cept you’ll probably want them to take them with you when they’re done.



Overcasters deserve to be at the top of the Denver heap - finally. (Photo: Overcasters)

Overcasters deserve to be at the top of the Denver heap - finally. (Photo: Overcasters)

Overcasters – 3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage @6PM

Overcasters seems to have lived a long, dramatic life, much like that of frontman Kurt (Ottoway) Overcaster’s, but they’ve made it through splendidly. Even better – Ottoway and company use that rich experience and their own stubborn dedication to fuel an opulent psychedelic style. Recalling a little bit of Echo & the Bunnymen (especially with guitarist John Nichols’ homage to Will Sargeant style axework), Overcasters have landed on top of the Denver scene – where they deserve to be.




The DenverThread UMS List – Day 4

Moon Tides – Hi-Dive – Illegal Pete’s Stage @3PM – If you can gaze at your shoes while surfing, this is what you’d be listening to.

Sauna – Indy Ink @3PM – More landlocked surf goodness (does this seem to be a trend in Denver?)

Green Typewriters – Illiterate Gallery @3:30PM – Eerie, sweet twee-dream pop, complete with theremin. How can you go wrong?

Kevin Costner Suicide Pact – Delite @4PM – Ambient, instrumental post-rock – cathartic, and it tends to get loud (ask them, it’s true!).

Thee Goochi Boiz – Club 404 @4PM – Once, there was punk. Thee Goochi Boyz found some, and are using it’s power for evil. Join in the fun!

A Shoreline Dream – Moe’s Original Bar B Que – Verizon Wireless Stage @4PM – Post-rock-drenched psychedelic reverb is their forte, and these fellas know how to dish it up.

200 Million Years – Hi-Dive – Illegal Pete’s Stage @4PM – Pure, funky beauty, somewhere around your shoes, keep looking while you listen – you’ll find it. We love these guys!

the Shady Babes – Indy Ink @4PM – These guys start where the Breeders left off – with real, straight up rock, laced up with attitude.

Tangle – TS Board Shop – Bands for Lands Stage @5PM – We just realized we don’t glamourize nearly enough DJs. Tangle’s a great place to start. Seriously.

The Bottesini Project – The Bottesini Project @5PM – If you like Coltraine, Philip Glass and John Cage, this is where you want to be at 5.

Married in Berdichev – Delite @5PM – These vocals are what they’re talking about when people mention “music of the spheres.” We love this music – it makes us appreciate weather (whatever that means).

the Down – Club 404 @5PM – Fuzzy guitars and twang – perfect for a case of Old Style and sickly-sticky BBQ. MMMMMMMM…

Radical Knitting Circle – South Broadway Christian Church @6PM – Folky treats that recall Beatles’ and Garfunkel’s mythical children.

Colfax Speed Queen – Skylark Lounge – Verizon Wireless Stage @6PM – Straight up, out-in-the-back garage rock, the best kind of horror b-movie soundtrack.

Kal Cahoone and The Dirty Pretty – South Broadway Christian Church @ 7PM – Beautiful, strong vocals that recall Siouxsie Sioux, backed by a true gothic country sound. Not to be missed.

the Outfit – Club 404 @7PM – Solid, straight up hard garage dance rock, also sort of a supergroup around these parts.

Pythian Whispers – Indy Ink @7PM – Local music journalist Tom Murphy’s experimental post-punk noise machine. Definitely worth a listen.

Fairchildren – Goodwill Parking Lot – Sailor Jerry Main Stage @7:30PM – We can’t stress this enough: You MUST SEE THIS BAND! That is all.

School Knights – Club 404 @8PM – Cool garage post-punk, with the emphasis on the punk part. Dare you not to dance!

Pacific Pride – Skylark Lounge – Verizon Wireless Stage @8PM – these guys are great punk – but we can’t help but think this is the band Alice Cooper always really wanted to be in. Oh well – maybe in his next life.

Bop Skizzum – TS Board Shop – Bands for Lands Stage @9PM – Flobots ex-gutarist’s longtime love – all funk and cool.

Fingers of the Sun – Skylark Lounge – Verizon Wireless Stage @9PM Oh my! This band is fun like a teen makeout session, and may make you almost as sweaty! We warned you!

Cannons – 3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage @ 10:30PM – Loud, droning and sweet like dark, dark, dark chocolate. No more, no less.

Il Cattivo  – 3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage – Superpowerd thrash metal, fueled by all the bandmembers’ communally similar drug addled and brilliant minds. DO NOT MISS.

After this, if you’re not suffering from a short case of the music DT’s, well, we don’t know what to tell you. Go home and sleep ’til next year. We think the UMS is only going to get bigger….

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