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Firestarters del Desmadre : a Molotov Cocktail

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Somewhere in the middle of the hot desert between Tucson, Arizona and San Diego, California, a tour bus carries a band of explosive cocktails to another kick ass tour destination.  To the untrained eye and ear, these guys look like a bunch of rockers who just like to party, and sing about girls and sex. And yes, they do love to party and sing about the sexy ladies, but listen to their politically charged songs and you might start to understand the social commentary behind their sucker punch lyrics.

These self-denominated “fire starters del desmadre” (fire starters of chaos), most commonly known as the Mexican rap/punk/rock band Molotov, are coming to Denver as part of the Jägermeister Music Tour. Red and Jerry’s on Santa Fe & Oxford will host their debauchery in our Mile High City on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

It’s not only enticing that Molotov is (finally!) coming back to Denver, but that they are the first Latin group to headline the Jägermeister Music Tour. DenverThread contributor MissReported dared to interrupt the shenanigans on said tour bus for quickie interview sesh with Mr. Tito Fuentes (singer/guitar), which resulted in a lot of laughter, slang, and heated discussions, roughly, as follows:

DenverThread: What does it mean for you guys to be the first Latin group to headline the Jägermeister Music Tour?

 Tito Fuentes: “‘Chido’. We knew the brand since the 90’s when Metallica used it a lot and they have a sticker of it on their guitars. We also drank it a lot in Europe. It’s a pure rock and roll brand and they support us in what we say.”

DT: Up until this leg of the tour, which city has been your favorite to play in?

Tito: “Each city has its own peculiarity. Dallas was a ‘reventón’ (chaos/raving/awesome). It was so cool because there was a big fan group and ‘gringos’ who didn’t know what to expect of our show, but love the music. Wherever there’s more people screaming, that’s where it’s the best. We are the fire starters ‘del desmadre’.”

DT: What do you expect of the concert goers in Denver?

Tito: “Denver has a lot of our ‘paisanos’. It’s ‘chido’ and it’s been a long time since we have played this city. We have a lot of fans and we’re counting on them to start the party. ¡Caíganle al concierto! (Drop-in to the concert!).”

DT: You’re super famous in México and Latin America. Would you say that you have managed to cross over entirely to the English-speaking market and how have you managed that transition to the US musical stage?

Tito: “It hasn’t been easy. We have worked very hard to get to where we are and I think it still hasn’t been a complete transition. You see that when you go to our shows and you see a lot of Latin fans and some ‘gringos’. And even though our lyrics sometimes attack the US government, the ‘gringos’ that go to our concerts might not agree with their government, so they can relate to our songs. You can never generalize (about our audience).” *There’s a ruckus on the bus and I can hear the other band members talking to each other about this question.*

“There’s also a big nostalgia movement right now. So you will get a lot of the 90’s bands coming back to play concerts and the fans that are a little bit older coming out to see us. But for example, in Germany, half of the fans were local and there were very few Latinos. We still haven’t seen that here. They still see us as Mexicans.”

DT: We love your tributes to Queen, José José, and other artists. Are there other artists that you would like to collaborate with or do a tribute?

Tito: “Whenever we are playing covers, it’s because they are specific projects, and we have to ask the label’s permission, pick the songs, and go through a complicated process to be able to do it. We avoid doing stuff like the Beatles because they will never give us the rights to ‘re-imagine’ their songs. But now, everyone does everything… We would love to collaborate with Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) or Glenn Danzig (Misfits, Samhain, Danzig)… but we are not killing ourselves over collaborations.” *Laughs*.

DT: You guys are characterized by being a living incarnation of controversy – or you “can’t hold your tongue,” like my madre would say. You posted on @MolotovBanda that you were going to stop using the term “maricón” (a derogatory word for homosexual) in your song “Puto” supporting Esteban Navarro in Chile (attacked and almost killed for being LGBT). Some people claim that you have not done what you pledged to do. But then, how can you strike a balance between being supportive and auto-censoring yourselves?

Tito: “The intention is what’s very important with this word. (The word) is part of the song’s lyrics, the context, or that which we are referring to. When you don’t understand the language, there’s a problem. I didn’t get to live through the hate behind that word. It was just a slang phrase that kind of means ‘cowards’ and we would say that the government was ‘puto.’ We’re not interested in being politically correct. What happened in Chile is a tragedy, but the way that we use this word, it’s more of a natural expression. These are words that we use and represent relief or venting. When you try to explain this to another culture or another country, the word takes on a different meaning. It actually means ‘man-whore’ or ‘man-prostitute’ in other Spanish speaking countries.”

Catch Molotov on the 2013 Jagermeister Tour, which makes a stop at Red and Jerry’s in Denver on August 21st. Here’s a taste from this year’s SXSW:


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Arlo White from The Pretty Sure will be showing off his vision at the Broomfield Auditorium until mid-February. THe PRetty Sure will be playing on CapHill in Denver Saturday, January 21st. (Photo: Hypnotic Turtle)

Who’s Playin’ What Where? DenverThread’s Gettin’ Out Guide – January 20 – February 4

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DenverThread’s guide to where you should be and what you should be seeing – and, of course, hearing – for the next few weeks around Denver.

Arlo White from The Pretty Sure will be showing off his vision at the Broomfield Auditorium until mid-February. THe PRetty Sure will be playing on CapHill in Denver Saturday, January 21st. (Photo: Hypnotic Turtle)

The “Planet Rock” Art Show is Now Open in Broomfield, Artist’s Band The Pretty Sure Play Saturday Night

Arlo White really is a post-post-postpunk-post-renaissance man. As many places and genres as his art seems to pop up from around the Front Range, it seems there’s nothing it can’t accomplish. We discovered Arlo a few years back as the frontman of the fantastic Broomfield band Deadbubbles, and he’s also been involved in Lint! and his current musical project The Pretty Sure. And now, white finds himself – and his art (in this case multi-media visual art) on display at the Broomfield Auditorium Gallery (3 Community Park Rd., Broomfield) until February 17th. The show’s 31 pieces have been hung since January 6th, and will feature an official reception this Sunday, January 22 with food and drinks, along with a wine tasting sponsored by Broomfield’s Turquoise Mesa Winery.

White’s art, much like his music, is eclectic, bright, attractive and altogether unique. Wildly colorful and steeped deeply in pop culture themes, he uses various formats and media to reproduce visually much of what his bands’ music does aurally. It’s loud, groovy, sometimes ferocious – but always playful. Deadbubbles reminded us of a slightly polished version of the Stooges, and The Pretty Sure sometimes comes across just a little more like KISS – both carry a simple, strong and sticky rock groove and a ‘70s tinge. White’s art also shows similar sensibilities, some pop collages invoke the Factory crowd of the ‘60s, while some of the more explosively colorful pieces recall expressionists like Paul Klee or abstract colorist Piet Mondrian. We can’t wait to see the whole set on display Sunday afternoon.

And, to get a full sample of White’s mix of arts, you also have the chance to see The Pretty Sure are playing a set at Tooey’s (1521 Marion St, Denver) to help celebrate the Forest of Azure CD release. The show starts at 8PM, also features sets by Bison and DJ Ed Hed, and is FREE.

Lotus Concepts Sponsors Local Bands – and Fans – to Appear on Weekly National TV Show

Oak Tavern features All Access Fridays - to be taped and broadcast on CPT12 and Free Speech TV - every Friday night until Feb. 24. (Art: Lotus Concepts)

Oak Tavern features All Access Fridays – to be taped and broadcast on CPT12 and Free Speech TV – every Friday night until Feb. 24. (Art: Lotus Concepts)

Remember the old days of TV – or at least the scenes you’ve probably seen in the movies about them – when shows like “Soul Train,” “American Bandstand” and “Don Kirshners’ Rock Concert” were virtually the only places (besides live) you could get a glimpse of some of the groovy stuff you were listening to on the radio – and get to see a snazzily dressed, dancing audience with them? Thanks to MTV’s “evolved” lineup, without shows like “Austin City Limits,” we’d be in that same boat. But – don’t fret – local nightclub group Lotus Concepts – owners of four Denver nightclubs including the brand new Chloe – has a solution.

The group is launching a Friday night live music series TONIGHT at Oak Tavern (1416 Market St) that will take place every Friday until February 24. The kicker? “All Access Fridays” will be taped and broadcast on a weekly national TV show – and they’re FREE! The series is designed to feature some of Denver’s up-and-coming bands, covering genres like rock, reggae, hip-hop and more – as well as their local fans. The show will be filmed for PBS|Free Speech TV’s “303 All Access” and will be aired each Saturday night at 10MST locally on CPT 12 (formerly KBDI) and nationally on Free Speech TV.


Lineup for the first six shows – starting TONIGHT:

January 20th:: A Vast Eclipse | Series Kick Off Party

January 27th:: Coral Thief | SIA Edition

February 3rd:: Valedictorian | 303 Hip Hop/Dance Beats

February 10th:: Two Fisted Tango | Valentine’s Day Edition

February 17th:: Guerrilla Jazz | Hawaiian Takeover | Fashion Show

February 24th::  Broken Tongues | Rackstar Clothing Party

**All shows are NO COVER, 9PM show|8M doors|21+


Hindershot’s CD Release Party for “Curse Us All” Will Be at 3Kings Friday, January 27

HIdershot's new CD, "Curse Us All," is now available for digital purchase. (Art: Hindershot)

HIdershot’s new CD, “Curse Us All,” is now available for digital purchase. (Art: Hindershot)

Local up-and-coming band Hindershot will be celebrating the release of their latest CD, “Curse Us All” Friday night, January 27th at 3Kings Tavern, along with support from local bands Accordion Crimes, The Skeleton Show and DJ Samurai Buck. The CD is already available digitally and for physical pre-sale from local music collective Hot Congress.

Their sophomore release, “Curse Us All” sounds too hopeful to support the cynicism in its title. The four songs are simultaneously  intricate and huge in sound, truly catchy indie pop. The live show promises to be at least as satisfying – and with the rest of that lineup, how can you go wrong?







One Whore’s Town Will Take Over Lions Lair on Friday, January 27th

One Whore's Town brings their unique metal-tinted punk to the Lions Lair on January 27th (Art: Girl Wreck)

One Whore’s Town brings their unique metal-tinted punk to the Lions Lair on January 27th (Art: Girl Wreck)

Locals One Whore’s Town, along with Redbush, The Down and Starla & the Dynamite Daddies will take over the legendary Lions Lair next Friday, January 27th, with their brand of Metallica-meets-Social-D rock, and they expect you to be there.

Angry, aggressive, loud and sometimes downright hilarious, OWT plays a mean, gritty metal-dosed punk rock, fronted by Tom Spain’s truly flattering James Hetfield vocals and anchored by Tim Jadowski’s  Bass (from Reno Divorce – hence the Social-D tint). The band is working steadfastly on their first full length, “Lock n’ Load,” due to be released this spring.

Don’t miss them!



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The UMS is rockin’ – Here’s DenverThread’s list for Day Two

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Day one’s in the books, and it looks as if the 11th Annual UMS is off to a roarin’ start!

But – if you thought last Thursday night’s activities were brilliant, epic, miraculous – or tragic, melancholy, maudlin – hold on to your pants. The momentum’s just beginning!

Friday is the New Black

Here are our toppers for Friday, July 22 – and we’re happy to say that it was a damned tough job boiling the lineup down! The first few are our predictions for Friday night’s owners of the UMS. Scroll on down for a listing of the rest of our recommendations, in chronological order (still just a fraction of all the action!).

Friday’s UMS Lineup is owned by …

Oklahoma breeds strange, beautiful happiness. Colourmusic said so. (Photo: Colourmusic)

Oklahoma breeds strange, beautiful happiness. Colourmusic said so. (Photo: Colourmusic)

3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage @11PM

Oklahoma seems to be fertile ground for a sort of bombastic optimism. Or maybe it’s a heightened sense of existentialism that leads artists to just say “Fuck it! I’m partying!” And then watch everything in their lives happily begin to fall into place. It’s chaos at its most beautifully complex, and most hilariously sublime.

Cue Colourmusic.

‘Nuff said. Go see them.



Twin Guns bring the psyche in from Brooklyn. (Photo: Twin Guns)

Twin Guns bring the psyche in from Brooklyn. (Photo: Twin Guns)

Twin Guns (NY)
3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage
@ 8PM

Out of Brooklyn-by-way-of-Pueblo (at least half of the duo), Twin Guns flail with a furious, drug-addled  post core drenched in reverb, and make a rock noise that recalls Spacemen 3, Alien Sex Fiend and BRMC and a few more like them. Sure to leave you massaging your ears, grinning, possibly sleep-drinking (or feeling like you have been).




Joshua Novak = talent. (Photo: MySpace)

Joshua Novak = talent. (Photo: MySpace)

Joshua Novak
Skylark Lounge Verizon Wireless Stage @ 10PM

Denver’s Brit-pop superstar in hiding, Joshua Novak channels both Liam & Noel, and a little Difford & Tillbrook through his brilliant compositions. Just look at how he (famously) plays his guitar – outfitted for a righty – upside down and lefty! Then tell us you’re not entranced…

But it’s the music, really, that gets you. It’ll stick to you, too!



Virtual CH is Chrisn Harrington - the 21st-Century 1-Man-Band! (Photo: Virtual CH)

Virtual CH is Chris Harrington - the 21st-Century 1-Man-Band! (Photo: Virtual CH)

Virtual CH (Chris Harrington – MN)
Skylark Lounge Verizon Wireless Stage @ 7PM

Minnesota’s Chris Harrington will blow your mind. Visually and musically. There’s something extreme about playing everything yourself. Something more than an inability to delegate. Can’t put my finger on it, but Harrington has it – in spades.

Prepare for the ultimate in a unique one-man band experience – two screens (one Harrington on bass, one Harrington on drums) and Harrington on guitar. And it’s all live. THAT is worth the price of admission on its own, if you ask me…


As promised: Here’s the rest of the DenverThread list for UMS Day Two

And we keep chuggin’ through all the excess. like a kid in a candy store. A candy store filled with sonic booms in the shapes of giant lollipops, and screeching metal marshmallow puffs – wait, where were we going with that?

Anyhow – here’s the list:

AlamedaHi-Dive – Illegal Pete’s Stage @ 6PM (also Illiterate Gallery @ 7:30 Sat) – Plays a quiet folk-pop, imbued with Nick Drake, steeped in Simon & Garfunkel.

Night Sweats3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage @ 6PM – is electronic that reminds us of the popular Girl Talk mashup style.

Lee Penn Sky (ID) – Hornet- RMCAD Stage @ 6PM (Also at Michelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar @ 7PM Saturday) –  plays strained, pristine folk rock that recalls Bill Callahan and the great  Townes Van Zandt. Try not to cry when you read about Sky’s Idaho life, and then when you hear how he’s made music out of it…

MetermaidsGoodwill Parking Lot – Groove Automotive Stage @ 6:45 PM – are a solid, hilarious hip hop rock band from NYC, recalling Flobots, and mixing in their own blend of hip.

The Omens3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage @ 7PM – play fast, hard postcore, with a tint of burlesque goth and solid shockabilly.

Fierce Bad Rabbit – Hi-Dive – Illegal Pete’s Stage @ 7PM – Play passionate, anthemic string-laden pop – we can’t help but think of DeVotchka, with Built To Spill-leaning vocals

Mr AnonymousTS Board Shop – Bands for Lands Stage @ 7PM – formerly a member of longtime boulder band The Samples, is a new Dancehall/Reggae force, collaborating at times with legends like Ranking Roger, Sly & Robbie, and more.

EpiloguesGoodwill Parking Lot – Groove Automotive Stage @ 7:30 PM – Power pop/hard rock – recalls Silversun Pickups

VarletHi-Dive – Illegal Pete’s Stage @ 8PM – Lilly Scott (American Idol ex-contestant) – features sultry pop, sweet vocals – if a little light headed.

Andy Monley and the High HorsesMoe’s Original Bar B Que – Verizon Wireless Stage @9PM – is Ex- Jux County/Czars/Velveteen Monster hero Andy Monley’s new project – sheer guitar rock, with a swinging undercurrent.

Glass Hits3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage @ 9PM – Play a heavy, shrill, metal noise – reminiscent of Big Black, Shellac and The Jesus Lizard.

Sage FrancisGoodwill Parking Lot – Groove Automotive Stage @ 9PM – Plays solid, smooth hip hop-indie, or poetic rap, recalls an angrier MC 900-ft Jesus

Lil’ ThunderClub 404 @ 9PM – Marie Litton (Ghost Buffalo) plays solid, strong, rooted guitar rock.

Gardens & VillaHi-Dive – Illegal Pete’s Stage @ 10PM – Strong indie synth postpunk.

Kingdom of Magic3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage @10PM – Sludge punk stoner thrash – perfectly pounding, sweaty, sexy.

Kissing PartyIrish Rover – Red Stripe Stage @ 10PM – A replicant Belle & Sebastian in Denver – well worth the wait.

GenerationalsHi-Dive – Illegal Pete’s Stage @ Midnight – Cool pop, this duo channels the best parts of T-Rex in their indie aesthetic.

Git Some3 Kings Tavern – Sailor Jerry Stage @ Midnight – Sexy noise punk metal slash sludge, perfect to inspire nuclear-locomotive sex drives.

Follow us!!

Be sure and follow @DenverThread on Twitter to receive live updates on UMS shenanigans! Follow @RVRB – the Denver Post’s HeyReverb.com Twitter, while you’re at it! We’ll be trolling the same places as you, and would love to say hi!

Tune in tomorrow for Saturday’s List!

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Valient Thorr @ the Larimer Lounge, 11/5/09 – Reverb

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Valient Himself and the rest of the Thorriors took on the Larimer Lounge again last Thursday night. (Photo: Tina Hagerling/Reverb)

Valient Himself and the rest of the Thorriors took on the Larimer Lounge again last Thursday night. (Photo: Tina Hagerling/Reverb)

The band started their 90-minute, high-octane set right at 11 p.m., and it didn’t take long for the crowd to nearly get out of control. Lead singer Valient Himself, as wild and provocative a character as you’re likely to find across the metal spectrum, carried both the crowd and the band with his over-the-top antics and supercharged metabolism, screaming to the head-banging mosh pit about conspiracies behind the government, endless partying and the eventual rise of an army of partially robotic and undead police, destined to take over the state if we don’t maintain a vigilant watch every second.

Catch the entire review at Denver Post Reverb!


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