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Pull on this Thread: Get your Rocktober started with terror at Bar Bar this Friday!

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Bunny Boy - Brandon LaGanke

This youngster and the Bunny, talking about death. Maybe. Creepy. (Photo: Brandon LaGanke)

Aside from the fact that all the calendars around us agree, how else can you really tell Rocktober is beginning in full swing? Zombiecrawl is right around the corner, we can smell snow in the air (already!) and Spirit stores are popping up like Starbucks. And, while your heart might be racing at the prospect of next year possibly being the first (since most of you were born) to not feature a new season of The Simpsons, there’s a much more traditionally terrifying option happening at Bar Bar this weekend to kick off the 2011 mile High Horror Film Festival – the Mile High Horror Film Festival Showcase.

And, it’s FREE.

The lineup for the showcase features five local bands – well, four bands and a singer-songwriter. Starting at 8PM with the bluesy Marty Lindsey, the sound from the showcase promises to take off into a tremendously eclectic world. Pythian Whispers (featuring Westword’s own Tom Murphy) follows with its signature no-wave-meets-ambient-noise, before The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact takes over to move the ambient on to a more film-track style. Later In the Whale will break the miasma with their abrasive bluesy rock, and the night will wrap up to the –by comparison – pretty mainstream Florence, CO band The Flumps.

Did we mention that it’s FREE? And that it’s a perfect way to ready your mental pallet for the variety of horrific imagery, drama, gore, violence and psychosis you’ll be enjoying as the Film Festival gets truly rolling? We meant to.

We also spoke (via email) with Festival Executive Director Tim Schultz, who gave us some ideas on who and what to expect:

Michael Berryman, the bald mutant that starred in both “Hills Have Eyes,” Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects” and more will be at the festival to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award, But, since you’ll likely be at the Showcase, of course, you’ll have to run and catch the presentation between bands.

“We’re excited to have [James Wong] the creator and writer of “Final Destination” in attendance,” said Schultz, “as a celebrity judge. The director and writer of “The Blair Witch Project,” Mr. Dan Myrick, is also judging our short film category, although he is in production and will not be in attendance.”

Other celebs in attendance will include an actor who played multiple characters in horror, including “ …Freddy Krueger…and the demon from “The Exorcist,” to sign autographs.

BONUS!! “The Woman,” the new psycho-thriller from Lucky McKee (“May”), will be making its Colorado debut, and Zach Rand will be signing a limited number of vinyl copies of its soundtrack – reportedly a pretty strong collection. Does Rocktober scream anything more hip than that? The film has a distribution and release deal with AMC and Bloody Disgusting Selects, but lucky Colorado horror fans get a chance to see it before everyone else!

What better way to kick off Rocktober? Get your blood sacs, scar goo and eyeshadow ready and meet at Bar Bar Friday night, October 7 – starting at 8 – and welcome in a new hallowed month!


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