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Fiercely Local: Jam Space USA and Whisper Fiercely join forces for the Denver music scene

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Jam Space USA and Whisper Fiercely have joined forces to help your local band grow. Their debut will be held at an industry shindig this Sunday, November 8, starting at 4PM.

Jam Space USA and Whisper Fiercely have joined forces to help your local band grow. Their debut will be held at an industry shindig this Sunday, November 8, starting at 4PM.

Two local businesses, each with some pretty serious clout and equally serious dedication to the local Denver music scene, recently joined forces to offer local bands, beginners or otherwise, a huge resource center to help them succeed. Whisper Fiercely has been a successful production company for the past two years and have always focused on the local. The group offers bands (and other businesses) design, merchandise, promotion and marketing help, and were also instrumental in organizing, promoting, booking and executing EchoFest ’09, the local band extravaganza (there were over 20 local bands on the lineup) at Echo Mountain. Jam Space USA, a local studio facility on North Federal, opened just a year ago, and offers local musicians professionally and fully stocked and wired studio and recording space, as well as promotional support. A few months ago, Whisper Fiercely moved into the building, and the two have decided to collaborate.

This Sunday, November 8, the two are holding a huge party to officially announce their partnership, and what better way to show it off than to invite scouts, agents, and other industry professionals to meet some of the bands that are calling Jam Space USA home?

Starting at 4PM, the two businesses will open the place to the industry, and will have more than a few local bands on hand, as well as all kinds of goodies. Local promoter Ray Lovett, based out of Colorado Springs, has also joined with Whisper Fiercely, and will be at the event to help support the bands.  From the partnership’s press release:

“Whisper Fiercely and Jam Space USA host numerous agents, labels and production companies for the first of many quarterly soirées.  Names such as Jason Frost, Universal, AEG Live and Clear Channel will be in attendance.  Bands being reviewed include Lost Point, Glyphic,Vanadium,Silent Still and Korporate Music and a handful of others as industry professionals from around the country scout for talent.  This is an opportunity to network and explore the first complete service Hub for Denver’s elite musician.  Merchandising, Recording, Booking, Printing, Rehearsal Space,lessons, Industry Workshops, etc…”

Jam Space USA also provides young musicians with lessons, beginner or advanced, as well as in studio production support. Coming together with Whisper Fiercely offers Denver musicians a giant leg up towards building their musical ambitions into reality, all in a single building.

“It is our mission to become a Mecca for the music industry in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond.  We believe we can achieve this by creating new and innovative avenues for musicians to succeed.” – from the partnership press release.

For information, or to attend, contact Whisper Fiercely directly (720-933-4868), and they can arrange an invite.


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