Upcoming Show: Pink Mountaintops w/Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – Hi-Dive, 11/21/09

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Upcoming Show: Pink Mountaintops w/Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – Hi-Dive, 11/21/09

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Stephen McBean of Pink Mountaintops (photo: pinkmountaintops.com)

Stephen McBean of Pink Mountaintops (photo: pinkmountaintops.com)

Pink Mountaintops, perhaps the closest thing to a perfect mashup of shoegaze and freak-folk, have announced a Denver date at Hi-Dive on November 21, 2009, in support of their recently released third record, “Outside Love.” Pink Mountaintops is a project from Vancouver/Victoria punk rock scene veteran Stephen McBean, one-time member of Black Mountain.

Their psychedelic, multi-layered sound winds and grows on “Outside Love” from a quiet, nervous Devendra Banhart style of folk to a crashing cacophony that recalls My Bloody Valentine.

Some lines about “Outside Love” from the Pink Mountaintops website:


Pink Mountaintops, "Outside Love" (Photo: pinkmountaintops.com)

“Outside Love” is ten songs of love and hate that read like a Danielle Steele romance novel but that would probably make for bad television.

The ten songs on “Outside Love” are about or influenced by weddings in Montreal, winter, Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut, Christmas albums, that one Exile song and that one Echo and the Bunnymen song, the Bermuda Triangle, being depressed in the sunshine, people who haven’t made out yet but will in the future, The Everly Brothers, clowns in the ceilings, and bedrooms where skinheads used to live.

Pink Mountaintops . . . will be joined on tour by Black Mountain bandmate Matthew Camirand as well as Sophie Trudeau, Sar Friedman, Chad Ross, and Mike Maxymuik.

Opening for Pink Mountaintops will be Denver local “supergroup” Snake Rattle Rattle Snake. Tickets are $10/$12 DOS, and can be purchased online at Hi-Dive.com.


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