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Billy Bragg teams up with “Clash”-ers Mick Jones & Topper Headon for “Jail Guitar Doors”

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Topper, Mick and Billy - together for rock and rehab! (photo: Tom Sheehan/J.G.D.)

Topper, Mick and Billy - together for rock and rehab! (photo: Tom Sheehan/J.G.D.)

For the first time in nearly three decades, Mick Jones and Topper Headon, from The Clash, the only band that ever mattered, have reunited in the studio. Along with Billy Bragg, the boys have formed a trio to record a version of The Clash’s 1977 punk rock hit “Jail Guitar Doors” to help raise funds for a charity to support prisoner rehabilitation named after the song.

The charity aims to provide inmates with musical instruments to learn and create with during their incarceration, to help with rehabilitation. Backed by a band of former inmates, the trio recorded the song in Steve Barnard’s (ex- of Mescaleros) studio, and was filmed as part the film “Breaking Rocks,” an upcoming documentary about the program.

The Clash's Mick Jones. (Photo: Alan Miles/J.G.D.)

The Clash's Mick Jones. (Photo: Alan Miles/J.G.D.)

Check out this video clip, below. The whole idea gives a new, refreshing and hopeful slant to “Jailhouse Rock!”

And who’s not about to jump out of their skins in excitement after seeing such a triumvirate of punk rock together in the studio?


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