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Erik Husman at the Walnut Room, Denver, 03-24-11

Erik Husman: Golden Troubadour to Throw a CD Release Party May 10 – Then: Hiatus

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Erik Husman at the Walnut Room, Denver, 03-24-11

Erik Husman wore his ball cap low, in time with his country-spiked tunes at the Walnut Room last Thursday night (Photo: Diana Sabreen)

Golden’s Erik Husman, along with his then-band The Golden Rule, recorded a full-length album at the Walnut Room on March 24, 2011.  Now, nearly 14 months later and going solo, Husman is ready for the CD release party.

It’s set for this Thursday night at Mead Street Station – 3625 W. 32nd Ave in Denver (almost right at 32nd & Lowell) – starting around 10:00pm. Finally.

If you’re unfamiliar with Husman’s work – imagine a young Woody Guthrie, mixed with some early-on, less electric M. Ward, wrapped up in a humble, wry wit and a hankerin’ for passionate heartbreaking romance. Then ask yourself, after you’ve heard some of the gruff, heartfelt balladry, why it’s taken so long.

“It’s been quite a journey,” Husman told me one morning recently. “Hard to believe it’s taken so long. And that we’ve been – that I’ve been through so much.”

Husman, over the course of that year, has done a few major things. He’s signed with an agency, played a few more shows, and competing for (and making it through to the finals) one of the first ever Colorado Solo Artist Awards. He’s done well musically, and made some pretty fantastic music.

And – most importantly (at least for now) – he’s realized it’s time to take a break.

“We’ve worked really hard together,”  Husman pointed out, “but things just aren’t clicking anymore. It’s nobody’s fault, really. Just time I set things – the guitar, my voice, a lot of work – down for a bit and reassess where I’m going. And how I want to get there.”

So – after the show next Thursday, which Husman will be playing alone (and which promises to be extremely intimate) – you’ll be able to catch him in an afternoon slot for one of the Larimer Lounge’s famous BBQs on May 20. After that – who knows? It may just be a small break (we can only hope), or it may be more.

Either way – don’t miss your chance to see Husman play a solo show in as intimate and comfortable a venue as Mead Street. And pick up one of those hard-won CDs, too, while you’re there.


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